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What is moneyCapp?

moneyCapp is an easy-to-use app that gives you a complete overview and full control of your personal finances. It takes minutes to get started, and then you get:
- Crucial insights into your financial habits.
- More money for what you need and help to achieve your dreams.
- Fewer nasty fees and interest.
- A life without complicated budget sheets, incomprehensible advisors, creditors and expensive debts.

How does moneyCapp work?

Once you've downloaded moneyCapp from your app store, it takes just a few minutes to get started. You decide the maximum amount of money you want to spend per month and then divide it between the Fixed Expenses, Variable Expenses and Leisure envelopes. You'll also get an envelope for the next dream goal you'd like to save for. You can simply keep your money in one account at your bank and avoid overdrafts and fees. MoneyCapp is so easy, it only takes minutes to get started.

How do I use moneyCapp?

Once you've set up your account and put money in the envelopes, moneyCapp takes care of the rest for you. You can check how much you have left in the envelopes and what you've spent the money on at any time. moneyCapp sends you a notification if an envelope is running low. If your income changes, you can also change the amounts in the envelopes. Remember that if you combine all your bank accounts into one account at your bank and give moneyCapp access to it, it's easier to avoid overdrafts.

Does moneycapp.com use tracking cookies?

moneycapp.com only uses a few functional cookies and no commercial or tracking cookies.


Is it safe to use moneyCapp?

Security, data ethics and transparency are some of our core values. We protect your data and we would never share it with anyone. moneyCapp is one of a few Danish fintech companies approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. That means we're allowed to see (not touch!) the account data you give us access to. But your money remains completely safe in your bank.

Why do you need access to my bank?

We want to help you manage your budget and achieve your dream goals. Like any financial advisor or accountant, we need to know a few things about your income and expenses. We want to help you understand how to spend your money, how to get more out of your monthly budget, how to stay within your budget, and how to save up for your dreams. We do not believe that you want to spend your time filling out detailed spreadsheets. When you give us access to your bank data, it is easy and in fact quite fun to keep track of the money. 

What kind of data do you get access to?

We only have access to the data we need so we can provide you with the service you need.

We can see how much money is in your account. What goes in and what goes out. And just like your bank, we can see the different categories. Such as. grocery shopping, insurance, gasoline or restaurants.

Can others access my moneyCapp profile?

We would never give a third party access to your account. And we recommend that you create your account with a code that only you know and that you do not share it with anyone.

Using moneyCapp

Can I save money by using moneyCapp?

The more you understand your spending habits, the better you can make sure you have money for the things you really need and that you can save for the things you really want. We call it conscious spending, and it's like healthy vitamins for your budget. You can use moneyCapp for free, unlike banks which tend to charge a lot of different fees.

It is very common for most people to accidentally overdraw an account from time to time. Even if there is money in another account. The bank charges you interest when this happens. And all these fees add up. That's why we actually recommend that you keep all your money in one bank account and link this account to moneyCapp. This means that if one month you spend a little more on car repairs than planned, you can "borrow" that money from yourself and not from the bank. This can save you a lot of money.

I did not pay anything to use the app. How do you make money?

Good point. We think you'll love what the moneyCapp envelope system does for your personal finances. Maybe enough to become part of our moneyCapp Plus program. For a small monthly fee, you get access to several smart features that can systematize your spending and save you even more money. You can create multiple personal envelopes and you can access multiple banks if you have them. Maybe you want an envelope just for car expenses? Or maybe an envelope for money you spend in a blended family? Maybe you want to keep a close eye on how much you spend each month on pizza or online gaming. Or maybe you want to make more envelopes with dream goals.

Will I ever see commercials?

If you choose to continue in the free version of the app, you may come across one of our partners. We will never spam you with annoying pop-ups. But you may see a sponsor discreetly next to a category, for example, an insurance company may sponsor the Fixed Expenses category and a travel agency may sponsor the Leisure category. On the other hand, you can rest assured that we never make money by sharing your data with any third parties.

Can I use moneyCapp if I have no money in my accounts?

Of course, we all need money to live each month. We recommend that you prioritise your monthly expenses in the Fixed Expenses envelope. Try to limit Leisure as much as possible.

Keeping a healthy budget is the opposite of dieting. If you want real results, you need to spend less than you take in so you can slowly build up your finances. Once you have more money than you need for fixed expenses each month, you can start adding more money to the Fun Money envelope. If you have debts that you'd like to get rid of, why not set up a dream budget and put money aside each month? So yes, moneyCapp is for you, even when your finances are low.

I have enough money. Do I really need to use an app like moneyCapp?

Fantastic! Well done to you! We hope to do the same one day. But maybe you want to know more about how you spend your money? Maybe you want to limit your spending on gasoline because you care about the planet? Maybe you want to cut down on bad habits like cigarettes because you like yourself? Or maybe you want to spend less money (and less time) on online gambling because you like your girlfriend? MoneyCapp gives you a better overview and more control, and if you have more money than you can spend, why not set a monthly dream goal and donate the money to charity?

Should I tell my friends about moneyCapp?

The unique envelope system and the complete overview you get access to can do wonders for your personal finances. We don't expect you to keep the secret. We all have that one friend who can never afford to go out to dinner at the end of the month. Tell your friends to download moneyCapp and remind them to set money aside in the Leisure envelope, and more shared experiences and restaurant visits will be possible.

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